Home Remedies To Treat Toothaches

Suffering from a toothache is a horrible experience. Toothaches may come in numerous forms! Although the pain vanishes on its own, it doesn’t mean, the problem has settled. Toothaches usually come back or maybe in a bigger form. Never ignore it.


  • Tooth decay – if bacteria damage the enamel of your tooth, it reveals the nerve endings within the dentine. This results in inflammation and you may feel irritated.
  • Gum problem – if plaque remains below your gum, it causes infection and may ruin the bone that supports your teeth. It even damages the roots of your teeth. This leads to tooth loss.
  • Abscesses – tooth decay and gum issues can lead to abscesses underneath or alongside the tooth root. This may cause intense toothache.
  • Trauma to the jaw – when your tooth gets chipped or cracked, this exposes the pulp and causes infection.
  • Impaction – if a tooth doesn’t grow entirely from the gums, it can disturb the surrounding nerves, resulting in severe pain. 
  • Bruxism– if you grind your teeth during the day or at night, the teeth may corrode over time. It can disturb the surrounding supporting structures.
  • Misaligned teeth – if your teeth are crooked or not aligned properly, it can cause unequal pressure in the mouth. This calls for orthodontic treatment.

How to handle tooth pain?

If you can’t reach out to your dentist instantly, then try these home remedies for temporary relief.

  • Gargle salt-water –Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water removes bacteria from the mouth. It also decreases inflammation and lessens swelling. Remember, do not swallow the water. 
  • Apply ice- Put an ice pack against your cheek to numb the pain. 
  • Peppermint tea, Clove, and Garlic – Peppermint tea can give temporary relief from your toothache. Peppermint consists of antibacterial and antioxidant compounds which have numbing property. It can minimize swelling or soreness. 
  • Eugenol- one of the main compounds in cloves, can minimize tooth pain.
  • Garlic also has a powerful antibacterial effect which eases the pain. 
  • Alcohol- Dip a cotton ball in alcohol and use it. It may provide you some comfort!

It’s very essential to go to your dentist as soon as possible. 

What to Expect at the Dentist?

The dentist will check your mouth and diagnose the cause of your toothache. Accordingly, he/she will advise the most suitable treatment for you. The treatment plan may include a root canal or a filling in the case of gum treatment, tooth cavities, or planting a crown.

 Get the immediate care you need!

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