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Dr. Vivienne Zhang

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390 S. Grand Ave. Suite #110

Sun Prairie WI 53590


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What are the Different Types Dental Bridges? Sun Prairie, WI

Several dental procedures have been developed to restore missing teeth, and that includes Dental Bridges. Choosing to not fill the gaps due to missing teeth can lead to teeth shifting, gum shrinking, and bone loss. Thousand Oaks Dentistry is confident in providing Dental bridges that can help in restoring your functional and complete smile back […]

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What Causes Jaw Pain? Sun Prairie, WI

Jaw pain is a condition that weakens the strength of a person, affecting its ability to eat and speak. Pain can be all of a sudden, or it can be mild then becomes severe over time. At Thousand Oaks Dentistry, we can help by diagnosing the condition to provide you an effective and long-term solution. […]

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Don’t Ruin Your Teeth To Whiten Them

People across the United States go to great lengths to achieve a whiter smile each year. Many people choose to have their teeth professionally whitened at the dentist’s office, while many others choose to whiten their teeth at home. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. With professional whitening treatments, you are guaranteed to lift […]

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