Zoom! Teeth whitening in Sun Prairie, WI: your white smile’s secret

Cutting strawberries into bits and rubbing them into your pearly whites may look cute. Same goes for scrubbing pieces of pineapples to your teeth to whiten them. But why bother picking these fruits in your garden and make yourself believe that these can do miracles to your dull-looking smile when you can actually get a 100% sure whitening result by merely sitting in the dental chair?

Here at Thousand Oaks Dentistry, we make it possible for everyone to get a white smile that they always wished to have in just one sitting. Our practice proudly introduces a state-of-the-art whitening technique using Zoom! Teeth Whitening System. Among the many brands in the market today, Zoom! continues to be the most favorable whitening alternative delivered by dental professionals.


Maybe you have tried various DIYs to mend teeth stainings and discolorations before. You had even put your enamel in danger by using harsh and acidic ingredients to aid your yellowing smile. If you tried all the home alternatives and over-the-counter kits, yet see no dramatic changes in the way your pearly whites appear, then it’s time to switch to the real thing! Did you know that it is solely the dentist that can give you the desired whitening effect? Through the use of Zoom!, a dazzling and long-lasting white smile is ensured.

But how can you benefit from Zoom! Teeth Whitening System? Here’s how:

  • Up to eight shades lighter teeth with Zoom! Teeth Whitening.
  • The procedure is fast and can be finished in an hour.
  • Effectiveness and safety are guaranteed with this type of whitening system.
  • It is paired with advanced facilities to activate the whitening agent and quicken the process.
  • The teeth, gums, and other soft tissues are left unharmed by the whitening gel used.
  • The whitening treatment in the form of Zoom! uses a special protector to secure the lips and cheeks during the procedure.

Our dentist here at Thousand Oaks Dentistry is qualified, trained, and skilled enough to provide patients with the best teeth whitening treatment.

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