Wisdom Tooth Pulled Out? What Are The Ways To Prevent A Dry Socket?

Did you get a wisdom tooth extraction recently? Are you experiencing a dry socket? A Dry socket is described as an inflammation within an empty tooth socket. This dental complication can arise after tooth extraction.

How does a Dry Socket develop?

Generally, you can notice that after a wisdom tooth removal, a blood clot develops over the tooth socket. The blood clot safeguards the nerve endings in the bone. And this is a natural part of the healing procedure.

At times, the blood clot either doesn’t develop or becomes dislodged. And just because of these reasons, the bone and nerves in the socket become exposed to bacterial contamination. A dry socket takes much more time to heal, and it can be intensely painful.


  • No blood clot formation in the socket
  • intense pain in the gum or jaw
  • bad breath
  • extremely bad taste coming from the socket
  • acute pain in the ears
  • the pain gradually spreads throughout your face
  • the bone may get exposed at the extraction site

How to Prevent a Dry Socket?

To prevent a dry socket is not too difficult.  The American Dental Association (ADA), states that a patient should avoid the following to avoid a dry socket:

  • Creating suction: If you smoke or use a straw to drink, it can create suction. This in turn may lose your clot and healing will be delayed. Quit these habits for a minimum of one week.
  • Smoking: Smoking delays your healing process and also increases blood pressure, and which leads to profuse bleeding. Chemicals for example nicotine reduces blood flow in the mouth and may interrupt clotting.
  • Hard Food and Carbonated Drinks: Eat only soft or liquid foods for quite a few days. Stay hydrated always. Keep away from hot food/drinks and chewing crunchy, sticky, and spicy foods.
  • Spitting: Don’t spit for the first few days after your surgery.
  • Chewing from the same side: Try to chew on the side of your mouth opposite to the extraction site, so that you do not disturb the clotting.
  • Vigorous mouth rinsing: Do not rinse your mouth too vigorously as this may put pressure and will eventually disturb the blood clot.
  • Alcohol: For the first 24 hours post-extraction, do not drink alcoholic beverages or use mouthwash that has alcohol. Or there is a high chance of the blood clot becoming dislodged. 
  • Physical activity: Get yourself some proper rest. You should cut down strenuous activity for the initial 24 hours post-extraction. This minimizes bleeding and helps in the formation of the blood clot.
  • Poor Hygiene: You can wash the extraction area only after 24 hours of the wisdom tooth removal. Allow the blood clot to develop. You can definitely brush your other teeth and clean your tongue. 

 Gently rinse your mouth the next day with the help of an antibacterial mouthwash. 

  • Don’t poke into the gap formed after the tooth removal with your tongue, finger, toothpick, tissue, or any other stuff. It delays the healing phase. 
  • Visit your Dentist: Make sure that you see your dentist at the scheduled time.

Get the care!

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