Why to go for Invisalign?

Are you confused about which orthodontic treatment to go for in order to experience best results? If yes, then going through this blog will give you a clear solution of the query. Here we have discussed reasons which should instill in you the understanding about why to go for invisalign over other options such as traditional braces. Traditional braces can be considered to be the go to option for a lot of people. But, choosing invisalign will not make you face the discomfort which is pretty common in case of other orthodontic options.

Before delving deeper into this topic, let us make you aware of what invisalign actually is. In simple words, it can be defined as a special kind of orthodontic treatment which is used to achieve a perfect and beautiful smile. It yields positive results in cases of patients suffering from problems such as – slight misalignment in their teeth such as underbite, overbite, crossbite etc. The process is executed with the help of clear plastic aligner trays which gradually move the teeth into a proper alignment. So if you are suffering from the previously mentioned problems and also want to avoid the hassle of going around with a metal wire fastened on your teeth, invisalign treatment can be your perfect pick.

Reasons to choose Invisalign over Metal Braces

People often hinder to get invisalign thinking about the expenditure. Don’t be one such one such person. Money can never be the reason for you to compromise with the comfort and results when it comes to your health. Find out about the reasons which make invisalign the better choice over traditional braces by giving the pointers a thorough read.

Invisalign looks prettier than metal braces – The first factor which gives invisalign an upper hand over the traditional braces is its appearance. As invisalign or clear braces are made of plastic, it doesn’t lessen the beauty of your smile. On the other hand, traditional braces can make your smile look unattractive due to the visibility of awkward chunks of unsightly metal, everytime you open your mouth. This can also make you very conscious and ultimately have a negative impact on your self-confidence.

Invisalign is much more comfortable to carry – The next point is the level of comfort that can be achieved with the usage of clear braces or invisalign. They are made of smooth plastic which makes it very easy to carry if compared with the metal braces. To add on, invisalign is handcrafted to fit your teeth and has no sharp edges. Therefore, the chances of any mishap gets nullified.

Invisalign demands for less time – You might be surprised to know that getting invisalign requires a less span of time at the dental clinic if compared with the process of getting metal braces. They need to be maintained for a span of six months.

Invisalign helps to improve oral hygiene – Invisalign or clear trays can be removed with ease. Hence, you can just take out while brushing or flossing and pop the trays back in after getting done with the act. This helps to both maintain and improve oral hygiene.

Invisalign is much more safe – Invisalign are considered to be a safer option if compared with the traditional metal braces. Are you wanting to know why? Metal braces generally consist of wide and protruding bits of metal that can scratch or puncture the insides of the gums and mouth. On the other hand, invisalign are made of smooth material and do not consist of any sharp edges.

Invisalign requires no restriction on food – People often complain about the restrictions on food which have to be followed by them in case of using metal braces. Well, you will be happy to know that no such restrictions are to be followed in case of invisalign or clear braces.

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