What are the different types of dental bridges? Sun Prairie, WI

Several dental procedures have been developed to restore missing teeth, and that includes Dental Bridges. Choosing to not fill the gaps due to missing teeth can lead to teeth shifting, gum shrinking, and bone loss. Thousand Oaks Dentistry is confident in providing Dental bridges that can help in restoring your functional and complete smile back as natural as possible.


  • Traditional Dental Bridges

It is a type of dental bridge which is composed of false teeth (pontics) held by two dental crowns. The dental crowns at either side of the pontics are called as abutments that are cemented on the teeth opposite to the missing tooth.

  • Cantilever Bridges

Cantilever Bridges works the same way as traditional bridges but instead of having two crowns for the support it only requires one. It works for the area that has only one natural tooth next to the gap which can still secure placement for a bridge.

  • Maryland Bridges

Considered to be a conservative alternative to the traditional bridges. It uses a metal or porcelain framework which is bonded to the back of the teeth that are on the opposite sides of the gap. It does not require dental crowns for support since the metal or porcelain framework support the pontics.

  • Implant-Supported Bridges

It is the type of dental bridge which is not supported by frameworks or crowns. It can replace the missing teeth by the use of dental implants which are surgically placed on the jawbone. Instead of having one implant on each Missing Tooth, several implants are positioned to support the bridge to secure it in place. The number of implants that will be used depends on the best option to make sure that the bridge has adequate support which works by restoring the appearance and function of the missing teeth.

To get the best option for replacing missing teeth consult a dental professional for a proper examination and determine the right type of dental bridge for the patient. Practicing good dental hygiene as well as scheduling regular dental cleanings and checkup can help in the prevention of missing teeth.

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