Start owning a straight smile in Sun Prairie, WI

A straight smile is an asset. It helps people build a good profile. For some, smiling even makes them feel good. But the majority of people want to achieve a straighter smile for one common reason, and that is, to look aesthetically pleasing. But is it always about physical appearance? Definitely, not. Having a well-aligned set of teeth have many amazing benefits – and most of them are health-related.


Tooth enamel is preserved
Have you ever wonder how much of the tooth’s outer layer is scraped when a person with crooked teeth munch foods? Eating with a misaligned bite is challenging. It can deliver unnecessary stress or pressure on the teeth which causes the enamel to wear down over time. On the other hand, when this orthodontic issue is corrected, the person can chew smoothly and evenly.

It promotes gum health
Gum disease can take place when a person has gapped, misaligned teeth. When tolerated, it can heighten the inflammation, making the gums appear extremely bad. Do your gum health a favor by start straightening your teeth!

Oral health is maintained
Since it is difficult to clean crooked or overcrowded teeth thoroughly, tooth decay is more likely to occur. Untreated cavities have many consequences, and they can even cause a person to suffer from tooth loss in the long run. While early, address your orthodontic problem at the dentist.


If you are struggling with malocclusions, overcrowding, widely spaced teeth, or crookedness, now is the time to stop them from threatening your overall oral health! The key is to look for a trusted dentist that can offer a solution to your orthodontic issues. If you are residing in Sun Prairie, WI, there’s no need to look any further. We at Thousand Oaks Dentistry have the best treatment for you: Invisalign.

  • The brand Invisalign is famous for its clear aligners.
  • Invisalign teeth straightening trays can fix mild to moderate orthodontic problems.
  • The aligner is invisible and can be removed when eating or cleaning.
  • It is more convenient and comfortable than traditional braces.

Dare to go straighter! Avail of our Invisalign treatment in Sun Prairie, WI. Book an appointment with us at Thousand Oaks Dentistry by calling or visiting us. We are located at 390 S. Grand Ave. Suite #110 Sun Prairie WI 53590.