Smile brightly and proudly with the help of cosmetic dentistry! – Sun Prairie, WI

Dentistry, compared in the past, sure have come a long way. Aside from just helping patients with their dental needs like extractions, dentures, and more, it now has a particular branch that aims to offer services to help everyone get the type of smile they find highly favorable.

The said branch is referred to as cosmetic dentistry. Contrary to what people believe, it is not just focused on aesthetics but functionality as well. To make this possible, several services are being offered that are sure to cater to the needs of a particular patient. At Thousand Oaks Dentistry, here are the services we provide under cosmetic dentistry:

  • Composite Fillings
  • Dental bridges
  • Invisalign
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth whitening


Improved biting and chewing functionality

Some people tend to change the way they eat because of the problem with their teeth. Instead of munching on both sides, they would rather do so on just one side. The problem is, this does not do the mouth any good. It may actually cause the teeth to wear down even more. Opting for a perfectly fitting dental prosthesis that strengthens and restores the teeth, for instance, a porcelain veneer or dental bridge can be a suitable pick. With this, patients will be able to chew and bite foods confidently without experiencing more problems.

Straighter, healthier teeth
There are cases where people experience overcrowded, misaligned, and crooked teeth. If this is left untreated, it can become more than just an aesthetic concern since it may compromise the health of the teeth and other structures as well. However, we at Thousand Oaks Dentistry understand that not everyone finds metal braces highly favorable. But fret not for we have an alternative – Invisalign! Rather than using metal brackets and wires, trays made of thermoplastic materials are worn over the teeth. Instead of an unsightly appliance, patients can now wear a more comfortable and discreet orthodontic device.

Brighter smile
Over time, the teeth become duller because of the mindless consumption of foods and beverages with intense colors. Although there are products that can be easily purchased over the counter, do know that these do not offer remarkable results. For a sure way to bring back the lost luster of one’s smile, it is best to consider teeth whitening done by professionals.

Stronger smile
The problem with the formation of a cavity is, it will continue to weaken a tooth unless proper actions are taken. It may start small but do know that it can spread until it destroys a tooth and even affects the adjacent structures. Fortunately, there is a particular cosmetic service (composite fillings) that can be performed by the dentist after removing any affected tooth structure. It fills the area to prevent the further spread of the cavity, and it also restores both the aesthetic and function of the affected tooth.

Not happy with your teeth? There is no longer a need to restrain yourself from smiling for there are cosmetic dentistry services available to help!

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