Scaling and root planing in Sun Prairie, WI: the commonly asked questions

When a person refuses to treat gum disease, they will forever embrace the annoying symptoms of the said condition. Bad breath, bleeding gums, and loose teeth are some of the many signs of the periodontal problem. But apart from these, people will also suffer from advanced consequences such as tooth loss, abscess, and other health-related issues if they continue to neglect professional treatments for the early type of gum disease. We at Thousand Oaks Dentistry offer scaling and root planing to mend gingivitis. It is essential for patients to undergo this therapy to prevent the primary form of the said oral disease from advancing.


Below are a few of the many questions regarding scaling and root planing. We answer some of them to give patients an idea of what to expect during the procedure or how can the treatment benefits them.

What is scaling and root planing?
The treatment scaling and root planing is another term for ‘deep cleaning.’ It is somewhat similar to professional teeth cleaning done in the dental clinic regularly. But as its name suggests, deep cleaning is more thorough than the other option. Scaling and root planing is performed to patients experiencing gum inflammation due to the presence of gum disease and plaques in their mouths.

How will a person know if they need a deep cleaning?
If periodontal disease begins to affect the gums, then it’s time for the person to seek professional help. Those who have poor oral hygiene are the frequent target of gum problems. Because they didn’t observe proper brushing, flossing, rinsing, and routine dental visits, they are leaving plaques and other undesirable buildups intact in their mouths. The result then is unhealthy gums.

What happens during the procedure?
After examining the state of the patient’s gum health, the dentist will then execute the necessary treatment. The dental professional may scrape the bacteria seated on the surface of the root to free the affected tooth from any unwanted particles. The gum line will also be cleaned using different dental instruments—both manual and ultrasonic.

Scaling and root planing is the best method to counter the progression of gum disease. Despite the treatment being extensive compared to the regular teeth cleaning, patients are assured that their comfort is always prioritized. Depending on the pain tolerance of patients, dental professionals can provide them with local anesthesia during the therapy.

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