Interesting and fun facts about dentures – Sun Prairie, WI

Dentures had been a part of history. While its purpose – to replace missing teeth – has not changed over time, the materials used did. With the advances in technology and dentistry techniques, modern dentures emerged. Dentures today are made of a combination of acrylic resin and other materials to provide a natural-looking teeth replacement result. Here at Thousand Oaks Dentistry, we offer both full and partial dentures depending on each patient’s needs.

A denture serves as a tooth replacement for missing or lost teeth. The oral appliance provides many benefits – from enhancing aesthetics to improving overall oral health. But did you know how dentures played a significant role in history? Here are some facts about dentures that might interest you.


Bunker Hill Incidence: One of the first cases of forensic dentistry happened after the Battle of Bunker Hill when Paul Revere was able to recognize the body of his friend, Joseph Warren – all because of Warren’s false tooth that was supported by a wire!

Morse-code in Dentures: A unique set of dentures were given to Hideki Tōjō, the 27th Prime minister of Japan during the World War II. He tried to commit suicide but failed to do so. Later on, he was put to trial together with other leaders and was found guilty. While waiting for his trial, he received a denture with the phrase “Remember Pearl Harbor” as a reflection of his crime. It was secretly punctured by an American dentist.

Dentures for Weddings: People in the British Isles expected to lose their complete set of teeth at an early age. To expedite the process, they chose to extract all their teeth prior to the event. It became the reason why dentures were so common as wedding gifts – to replace all the lost teeth.

Weird Law Involving Dentures: Before women’s rights were enforced, there was this odd law in Vermont that dictates women to receive written permission from their husbands first before wearing dentures.

Bizarre Denture Materials: Dating back to 700BC until the 1800s, dentures were already present, but with different materials used. Before, dentures were made of either human or animal teeth. Ancient people even utilized the walrus, hippopotamus, and elephants’ ivory to create their own set of false teeth.

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