Get to know TMJ in Sun Prairie, WI: its symptoms and tips for relief

TMJ or TMD disorder is a condition that can affect anyone especially those who already have some form of dental issues like malocclusions. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) stated that there is an estimate of 10 million Americans who have the said disorder. Despite this, there are still some people who are unfamiliar with the condition and its effects on one’s health.

TMJ is the abbreviation for Temporomandibular Joint, and the condition is TMD, but most people refer to it as the joint’s name. It acts as a hinge that connects the jaw and the skull located in front of each person’s ear. The purpose of these joints is to let people use their jaws properly when talking, yawning, or chewing. The problem usually occurs when the joint is accidentally injured or damaged due to certain factors like malocclusions, bruxism, and jaw injuries. When this happens, the patient may find it difficult to use the joints as they normally do.


Here are some of the common things a patient should watch out for:

  • Pain on the jaw joints, neck, shoulder, ear, and face.
  • Unbearable pain when trying to open the mouth wide
  • Locking of jaws when closed or open
  • Painful or painless clicking involved when using the jaws
  • Facial swelling on the sides


  • Use cold or heat packs to relax the jaw. For its proper application, it is best to ask the opinion of a dentist for the position as well as the duration to avoid any problems while ensuring relief.
  • Eat soft or blended foods in the event of TMJ. These foods can allow the jaw to rest and heal. Avoid eating crunchy and hard foods in the meantime.
  • Avoid stretching and or moving the jaws too much.
  • Take the prescribed medications that can counter any pain and discomfort. Make sure to follow the suggested dosage and amount for uncompromised results.
  • Inquire for the best jaw exercises one can try at home as well as massage tips.
  • Visit us at Thousand Oaks Dentistry for our dentist to assess the main culprit of the problem. As soon as it is determined, necessary treatments will be performed like enamel reshaping, orthodontics, dental crowns, or dental night guards. We aim to make sure that the patient’s bite, teeth, and jaws can work properly without any unnecessary strains to avoid the recurrence of TMJ issues.

Allow us at Thousand Oaks Dentistry to help you alleviate any forms of dental pain like TMJ with our TMJ Treatment in Sun Prairie, TX. Book your appointment and let us help you achieve excellent oral health!