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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Do you have large gaps in your smile caused by missing teeth? While missing teeth can make it difficult to eat and speak, they can also cause issues within your dental health. Neighboring teeth may actually shift or migrate towards the open space. To help patients avoid the consequences of missing teeth and reclaim a confident, complete smile, we proudly offer custom dental bridges. Thousand Oaks Dentistry brings respected talent and training to your cosmetic dentistry experience. When it comes to dental bridges, we craft beautiful prosthetic teeth that look natural and function securely.

Is A Dental Bridge Right For You?

A dental bridge is designed for patients who have a missing tooth (or teeth) that is surrounded by healthy existing teeth. A fixed bridge combines the best of dental crowns and partial dentures to create a natural-looking and stable solution for your missing tooth.

This form of tooth replacement essentially “bridges the gap” of a missing tooth or teeth. A traditional bridge involves an artificial tooth or teeth that can be anchored on either side by existing natural teeth, which are typically fitted with crowns to provide a stronger support system. If your situation warrants, your dental bridge may also be secured to dental implants on either side to form an implant-supported bridge.

Ready to learn if a dental bridge is your answer to a confident and functional smile? Contact Thousand Oaks Dentistry today. We are proud to be Sun Prairie’s most trusted family, cosmetic and restorative dentist. When it comes to restoring your smile as a result of missing teeth, we promise a rewarding experience from beginning to end.

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