Common Myths about Root Canal Treatment and the Truth behind Them

A root canal treatment is a rescue for a tooth that is severely decayed or infected. When the infection becomes more severe than a simple toothache, it can cause an abscess that spreads throughout the root and nerves. Root canal therapy in Sun Prairie eliminates the infection from the inside of the root. The dentist will remove the infected nerve and pulp to save the root.

There are many rumors and myths about root canals. This is why many people do not like the idea of getting a root canal to protect their tooth. In reality, modern root canal therapies are effective and gentle. A root canal treatment is the preferred treatment to preserve natural tooth. If root canal is not performed, the infected tooth might have to be pulled out.

Common Myths about Root Canal Treatment

Myth 1 – Root Canal Treatments are Painful

Root canal treatments are almost pain-free or cause minimal pain. In fact, the procedure relieves pain by removing the infected pulp from the tooth, which is the primary cause of pain. Decades ago, when dentistry wasn’t as advanced and hi-tech as today, root canals could have been considered painful. But with advancements in training, technology, equipment and use of sedation; modern root canal treatments are painless.

Myth 2 – Several Dentist Visits are required for Root Canal

Many people believe that tooth extractions are a better choice as they are quick. However, nothing beats preserving your natural tooth. Today, root canal treatments require only a couple of visits to the dental office. In some cases, the treatment may even be concluded in a single visit. This is basically determined by the condition of your tooth.

Myth 3 – The Success Rate is Low for Root Canal Treatments

When performed by experienced and qualified professionals, root canal treatments have a success rate of around 95%. While the tooth and gums surrounding the treated tooth are healthy, the natural tooth will last for life time, without undergoing any further therapy or treatment. To be assured of success, you should always find a reliable dentist for your root canal treatment.

Myth 4 – Root Canal Treatment Kills the Tooth

During the root canal treatment, the infected nerves inside the tooth are extracted and the inside of the tooth is disinfected. This allows the tooth to heal and function as a normal tooth for the rest of your life. The infected nerves that are extracted have very little role in a fully grown tooth. So, root canal treatments save the tooth rather than killing it.

Myth 5 – Root Canal Treatment Makes You Sick

Almost a century ago, a poor research suggested that root canal procedures can result in several illnesses throughout the body. This myth was debunked soon after as there was no valid evidence to support the research. In reality, root canal treatments are performed to remove the bad bacteria from the infected areas that may cause other issues throughout the mouth the body. Root canal treatments fight infection, not cause it.

Root canal treatments are a great way of saving your natural tooth. Most patients are even able to resume their daily routines the next day. Myths about pain and illnesses are not true and should not be believed. While you may experience some discomfort or swelling for a few days, these are short-lived and can be easily managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

Today, the advancements in dentistry have left no reason for one to suffer needlessly from pain. If you are experiencing any pain or feel you have an infected tooth, see a dentist for root canal therapy in Sun Prairie. With root canal treatment, you will be able to enjoy pain-free smiles once again.