Tips in preventing the notorious gum disease

One of the most common dental complications people can experience is gum disease. The problem is, this condition can affect a person without them knowing. Symptoms of gum disease tend to manifest after it has already advanced. As a result, patients who do not schedule routine dental appointments are at higher risk not only of developing the issue but also acquire its advanced stage.

Fortunately, preventing gum disease is not as hard as what most people think. Gingivitis, the first stage of the notorious condition can be easily avoided! Let us at Thousand Oaks Dentistry help everyone keep their gums and oral health in shape by sharing some tips.

For the prevention or treatment of gingivitis, it is essential for patients to understand that eliminating plaque is vital. This sticky substance is the culprit that causes the gums to turn red, swell, and bleed. Plaque contains bacteria and at the same time produce toxins which can cause harm not only to the teeth but the gums as well.


  • The most effective way to get rid of plaque at home is by brushing the teeth twice every day for two minutes. Although using a manual toothbrush is effective already, upgrading to an electric brush works even better. Aside from the enamel and in between the teeth, it is best to pay attention to the area along the gum line.
  • Instead of whitening toothpaste, it is ideal to use the ones with antibacterial properties since it can continue in protecting the teeth long after its use.
  • Make sure to floss at least once a day. It is the most effective partner of brushing since it can cover the areas missed by the toothbrush bristles.
  • For complete oral home care, finish up with by rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash. Doing so cleans the other portions where toothbrush and floss can no longer reach.

Aside from the ones listed above, patients should also avoid foods and beverages that promote the growth of plaque. Cigarettes or even smokeless tobacco is also a big no-no since these are contributing factors for both gum disease and oral cancer. But despite the observance of the said tips listed here, it is still highly necessary for patients to see the dentist. At our practice, our team will provide treatments to patients accordingly to save their oral health from further complications!

If you experience early signs of periodontal disease, like the sudden bleeding of gums, bad breath, or loose teeth, contact our office at Thousand Oaks Dentistry for Treatment for Gum Disease in Sun Prairie, WI. You may visit us at 390 S. Grand Ave. Suite #110 Sun Prairie, WI 53590.

Smile brightly and proudly with the help of cosmetic dentistry! – Sun Prairie, WI

Dentistry, compared in the past, sure have come a long way. Aside from just helping patients with their dental needs like extractions, dentures, and more, it now has a particular branch that aims to offer services to help everyone get the type of smile they find highly favorable.

The said branch is referred to as cosmetic dentistry. Contrary to what people believe, it is not just focused on aesthetics but functionality as well. To make this possible, several services are being offered that are sure to cater to the needs of a particular patient. At Thousand Oaks Dentistry, here are the services we provide under cosmetic dentistry:

  • Composite Fillings
  • Dental bridges
  • Invisalign
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth whitening


Improved biting and chewing functionality

Some people tend to change the way they eat because of the problem with their teeth. Instead of munching on both sides, they would rather do so on just one side. The problem is, this does not do the mouth any good. It may actually cause the teeth to wear down even more. Opting for a perfectly fitting dental prosthesis that strengthens and restores the teeth, for instance, a porcelain veneer or dental bridge can be a suitable pick. With this, patients will be able to chew and bite foods confidently without experiencing more problems.

Straighter, healthier teeth
There are cases where people experience overcrowded, misaligned, and crooked teeth. If this is left untreated, it can become more than just an aesthetic concern since it may compromise the health of the teeth and other structures as well. However, we at Thousand Oaks Dentistry understand that not everyone finds metal braces highly favorable. But fret not for we have an alternative – Invisalign! Rather than using metal brackets and wires, trays made of thermoplastic materials are worn over the teeth. Instead of an unsightly appliance, patients can now wear a more comfortable and discreet orthodontic device.

Brighter smile
Over time, the teeth become duller because of the mindless consumption of foods and beverages with intense colors. Although there are products that can be easily purchased over the counter, do know that these do not offer remarkable results. For a sure way to bring back the lost luster of one’s smile, it is best to consider teeth whitening done by professionals.

Stronger smile
The problem with the formation of a cavity is, it will continue to weaken a tooth unless proper actions are taken. It may start small but do know that it can spread until it destroys a tooth and even affects the adjacent structures. Fortunately, there is a particular cosmetic service (composite fillings) that can be performed by the dentist after removing any affected tooth structure. It fills the area to prevent the further spread of the cavity, and it also restores both the aesthetic and function of the affected tooth.

Not happy with your teeth? There is no longer a need to restrain yourself from smiling for there are cosmetic dentistry services available to help!

Aim for a better and brighter smile by considering Cosmetic Dentistry services in Sun Prairie, WI! Book your appointment with us at Thousand Oaks Dentistry; 390 S. Grand Ave. Suite #110 Sun Prairie, WI 53590.

Scaling and root planing in Sun Prairie, WI: the commonly asked questions

When a person refuses to treat gum disease, they will forever embrace the annoying symptoms of the said condition. Bad breath, bleeding gums, and loose teeth are some of the many signs of the periodontal problem. But apart from these, people will also suffer from advanced consequences such as tooth loss, abscess, and other health-related issues if they continue to neglect professional treatments for the early type of gum disease. We at Thousand Oaks Dentistry offer scaling and root planing to mend gingivitis. It is essential for patients to undergo this therapy to prevent the primary form of the said oral disease from advancing.


Below are a few of the many questions regarding scaling and root planing. We answer some of them to give patients an idea of what to expect during the procedure or how can the treatment benefits them.

What is scaling and root planing?
The treatment scaling and root planing is another term for ‘deep cleaning.’ It is somewhat similar to professional teeth cleaning done in the dental clinic regularly. But as its name suggests, deep cleaning is more thorough than the other option. Scaling and root planing is performed to patients experiencing gum inflammation due to the presence of gum disease and plaques in their mouths.

How will a person know if they need a deep cleaning?
If periodontal disease begins to affect the gums, then it’s time for the person to seek professional help. Those who have poor oral hygiene are the frequent target of gum problems. Because they didn’t observe proper brushing, flossing, rinsing, and routine dental visits, they are leaving plaques and other undesirable buildups intact in their mouths. The result then is unhealthy gums.

What happens during the procedure?
After examining the state of the patient’s gum health, the dentist will then execute the necessary treatment. The dental professional may scrape the bacteria seated on the surface of the root to free the affected tooth from any unwanted particles. The gum line will also be cleaned using different dental instruments—both manual and ultrasonic.

Scaling and root planing is the best method to counter the progression of gum disease. Despite the treatment being extensive compared to the regular teeth cleaning, patients are assured that their comfort is always prioritized. Depending on the pain tolerance of patients, dental professionals can provide them with local anesthesia during the therapy.

Treat gum disease now! Contact us at Thousand Oaks Dentistry and set an appointment in our clinic. We perform effective scaling and root planing under Periodontal Therapy in Sun Prairie, WI.

The guide to a successful Invisalign experience in Sun Prairie, WI

The smile is the first thing other people notice about a person, and it also can make a lasting impression. However, to others, smiling does not come easily; and it is usually because of certain teeth imperfections that have been bothering them for years. Instead of showing off their pearly-whites, they would somewhat restrict themselves to avoid being embarrassed. Although there is a particular dental treatment that has been available for years, not everyone finds this solution the most ideal.

We at Thousand Oaks Dentistry have good news. Our practice happens to offer one of the most sought after solution to teeth imperfections that people, young and old, can take advantage of – Invisalign! Instead of using metal brackets and wires to straighten teeth, this option utilized thermoplastic materials and fashioned them into removable clear aligner trays. Aside from providing this procedure to patients in need, our practice is also committed to making sure that they will get the most out of their experience. With that in mind, here is a guideline we prepared!

  • Invisalign wearers should keep in mind that the success of the treatment depends on their commitment to following the instructions provided by the dentist. So, it is best to take note of every schedule or tips provided.
  • Wear the trays for at least 20 to 22 hours every day. Unnecessary removal of the aligner tray can cause the treatment to delay.
  • Unlike metal braces, professional adjustments are no longer necessary with clear aligners. As a substitute, trays are to be replaced in a week or two depending on the provided schedule by the dentist.
  • Never wear the aligners when eating or drinking liquids other than water. The material used is not designed to withstand chewing pressure, and it is also vulnerable to stains.
  • Patients would need to clean their teeth more often. After every meal, Invisalign wearers should clean their mouths before wearing the aligner trays back on. It is to avoid the threats that can compromise the treatment results and state of oral health.
  • Make sure to visit the dentist as advised for them to keep track of the teeth movement and to provide additional trays if necessary.

Ready to get started with your orthodontic journey with Invisalign in Sun Prairie, WI? We at Thousand Oaks Dentistry got you covered! To start off, book an appointment for an initial consultation and know if you are a good candidate.

Start owning a straight smile in Sun Prairie, WI

A straight smile is an asset. It helps people build a good profile. For some, smiling even makes them feel good. But the majority of people want to achieve a straighter smile for one common reason, and that is, to look aesthetically pleasing. But is it always about physical appearance? Definitely, not. Having a well-aligned set of teeth have many amazing benefits – and most of them are health-related.


Tooth enamel is preserved
Have you ever wonder how much of the tooth’s outer layer is scraped when a person with crooked teeth munch foods? Eating with a misaligned bite is challenging. It can deliver unnecessary stress or pressure on the teeth which causes the enamel to wear down over time. On the other hand, when this orthodontic issue is corrected, the person can chew smoothly and evenly.

It promotes gum health
Gum disease can take place when a person has gapped, misaligned teeth. When tolerated, it can heighten the inflammation, making the gums appear extremely bad. Do your gum health a favor by start straightening your teeth!

Oral health is maintained
Since it is difficult to clean crooked or overcrowded teeth thoroughly, tooth decay is more likely to occur. Untreated cavities have many consequences, and they can even cause a person to suffer from tooth loss in the long run. While early, address your orthodontic problem at the dentist.


If you are struggling with malocclusions, overcrowding, widely spaced teeth, or crookedness, now is the time to stop them from threatening your overall oral health! The key is to look for a trusted dentist that can offer a solution to your orthodontic issues. If you are residing in Sun Prairie, WI, there’s no need to look any further. We at Thousand Oaks Dentistry have the best treatment for you: Invisalign.

  • The brand Invisalign is famous for its clear aligners.
  • Invisalign teeth straightening trays can fix mild to moderate orthodontic problems.
  • The aligner is invisible and can be removed when eating or cleaning.
  • It is more convenient and comfortable than traditional braces.

Dare to go straighter! Avail of our Invisalign treatment in Sun Prairie, WI. Book an appointment with us at Thousand Oaks Dentistry by calling or visiting us. We are located at 390 S. Grand Ave. Suite #110 Sun Prairie WI 53590.

Avoid the consequences of tooth loss with dental implants! – Sun Prairie, WI

Many people think that leaving a missing tooth or two unattended on the part of the mouth that hardly shows is okay. Do know that tooth loss is more than just the issue of having a poor smile, it can have long-term physical and mental effects on a person as well!


  • The teeth adjacent to the gap may shift overtime in an attempt to fill in the empty spaces. As a result, perfectly aligned teeth will change in alignment and lead to malocclusions. Instead of just replacing a few teeth, the patient may need to undergo orthodontic treatment or surgery to fix the issue.
  • Tooth loss and the misalignment of the teeth increases the patient’s risk of developing cavities that can also cause other oral complications.
  • It would be harder for patients to chew certain foods. As a result, their digestive function is affected which can lead to problems like malnutrition or acid reflux.
  • Due to the lack of stimulant for the jaw, the site of the gap will deteriorate over time. As a result, the patient may look older than their actual age because of facial sagging.
  • Sadly, with today’s society where appearance is a big factor, a person who experienced tooth loss can become self-conscious and less confident.
  • It can affect the social, professional, and even romantic relationships of a patient.

To prevent all the consequences mentioned above, we at Thousand Oaks Dentistry have the perfect solution. For our patients who are missing single, multiple, or even entire teeth, dental implants can be a viable and versatile solution!

Unlike in the past, dental restorations are now better than ever. The continuous advancements in dental technology gave birth to what is considered as the most practical solution for tooth loss. Dental implants are immovable since titanium posts are surgically placed on the jawbone to serve as root replacements and anchors where prosthesis will be attached. Due to this, the appliance does not need the support of natural teeth or gums to stay in place.

Osseointegration, the natural fusion of the titanium posts is a process only dental implants are capable of compared to other restorations. It is the reason why patients can get a natural look and feel of the appliance since it actually builds a stable and durable foundation.

Curious about what else Dental Implants in Sun Prairie, WI has to offer? Call or visit us at Thousand Oaks Dentistry; 390 S. Grand Ave. Suite #110 Sun Prairie WI 53590. We will make sure to answer any of your queries.

Zoom! Teeth whitening in Sun Prairie, WI: your white smile’s secret

Cutting strawberries into bits and rubbing them into your pearly whites may look cute. Same goes for scrubbing pieces of pineapples to your teeth to whiten them. But why bother picking these fruits in your garden and make yourself believe that these can do miracles to your dull-looking smile when you can actually get a 100% sure whitening result by merely sitting in the dental chair?

Here at Thousand Oaks Dentistry, we make it possible for everyone to get a white smile that they always wished to have in just one sitting. Our practice proudly introduces a state-of-the-art whitening technique using Zoom! Teeth Whitening System. Among the many brands in the market today, Zoom! continues to be the most favorable whitening alternative delivered by dental professionals.


Maybe you have tried various DIYs to mend teeth stainings and discolorations before. You had even put your enamel in danger by using harsh and acidic ingredients to aid your yellowing smile. If you tried all the home alternatives and over-the-counter kits, yet see no dramatic changes in the way your pearly whites appear, then it’s time to switch to the real thing! Did you know that it is solely the dentist that can give you the desired whitening effect? Through the use of Zoom!, a dazzling and long-lasting white smile is ensured.

But how can you benefit from Zoom! Teeth Whitening System? Here’s how:

  • Up to eight shades lighter teeth with Zoom! Teeth Whitening.
  • The procedure is fast and can be finished in an hour.
  • Effectiveness and safety are guaranteed with this type of whitening system.
  • It is paired with advanced facilities to activate the whitening agent and quicken the process.
  • The teeth, gums, and other soft tissues are left unharmed by the whitening gel used.
  • The whitening treatment in the form of Zoom! uses a special protector to secure the lips and cheeks during the procedure.

Our dentist here at Thousand Oaks Dentistry is qualified, trained, and skilled enough to provide patients with the best teeth whitening treatment.

Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Thousand Oaks Dentistry and check out our services under Teeth Whitening in Sun Prairie, WI. We are located at 390 S Grand Ave Suite #110, Sun Prairie, WI 53590.

Get to know TMJ in Sun Prairie, WI: its symptoms and tips for relief

TMJ or TMD disorder is a condition that can affect anyone especially those who already have some form of dental issues like malocclusions. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) stated that there is an estimate of 10 million Americans who have the said disorder. Despite this, there are still some people who are unfamiliar with the condition and its effects on one’s health.

TMJ is the abbreviation for Temporomandibular Joint, and the condition is TMD, but most people refer to it as the joint’s name. It acts as a hinge that connects the jaw and the skull located in front of each person’s ear. The purpose of these joints is to let people use their jaws properly when talking, yawning, or chewing. The problem usually occurs when the joint is accidentally injured or damaged due to certain factors like malocclusions, bruxism, and jaw injuries. When this happens, the patient may find it difficult to use the joints as they normally do.


Here are some of the common things a patient should watch out for:

  • Pain on the jaw joints, neck, shoulder, ear, and face.
  • Unbearable pain when trying to open the mouth wide
  • Locking of jaws when closed or open
  • Painful or painless clicking involved when using the jaws
  • Facial swelling on the sides


  • Use cold or heat packs to relax the jaw. For its proper application, it is best to ask the opinion of a dentist for the position as well as the duration to avoid any problems while ensuring relief.
  • Eat soft or blended foods in the event of TMJ. These foods can allow the jaw to rest and heal. Avoid eating crunchy and hard foods in the meantime.
  • Avoid stretching and or moving the jaws too much.
  • Take the prescribed medications that can counter any pain and discomfort. Make sure to follow the suggested dosage and amount for uncompromised results.
  • Inquire for the best jaw exercises one can try at home as well as massage tips.
  • Visit us at Thousand Oaks Dentistry for our dentist to assess the main culprit of the problem. As soon as it is determined, necessary treatments will be performed like enamel reshaping, orthodontics, dental crowns, or dental night guards. We aim to make sure that the patient’s bite, teeth, and jaws can work properly without any unnecessary strains to avoid the recurrence of TMJ issues.

Allow us at Thousand Oaks Dentistry to help you alleviate any forms of dental pain like TMJ with our TMJ Treatment in Sun Prairie, TX. Book your appointment and let us help you achieve excellent oral health!

Interesting and fun facts about dentures – Sun Prairie, WI

Dentures had been a part of history. While its purpose – to replace missing teeth – has not changed over time, the materials used did. With the advances in technology and dentistry techniques, modern dentures emerged. Dentures today are made of a combination of acrylic resin and other materials to provide a natural-looking teeth replacement result. Here at Thousand Oaks Dentistry, we offer both full and partial dentures depending on each patient’s needs.

A denture serves as a tooth replacement for missing or lost teeth. The oral appliance provides many benefits – from enhancing aesthetics to improving overall oral health. But did you know how dentures played a significant role in history? Here are some facts about dentures that might interest you.


Bunker Hill Incidence: One of the first cases of forensic dentistry happened after the Battle of Bunker Hill when Paul Revere was able to recognize the body of his friend, Joseph Warren – all because of Warren’s false tooth that was supported by a wire!

Morse-code in Dentures: A unique set of dentures were given to Hideki Tōjō, the 27th Prime minister of Japan during the World War II. He tried to commit suicide but failed to do so. Later on, he was put to trial together with other leaders and was found guilty. While waiting for his trial, he received a denture with the phrase “Remember Pearl Harbor” as a reflection of his crime. It was secretly punctured by an American dentist.

Dentures for Weddings: People in the British Isles expected to lose their complete set of teeth at an early age. To expedite the process, they chose to extract all their teeth prior to the event. It became the reason why dentures were so common as wedding gifts – to replace all the lost teeth.

Weird Law Involving Dentures: Before women’s rights were enforced, there was this odd law in Vermont that dictates women to receive written permission from their husbands first before wearing dentures.

Bizarre Denture Materials: Dating back to 700BC until the 1800s, dentures were already present, but with different materials used. Before, dentures were made of either human or animal teeth. Ancient people even utilized the walrus, hippopotamus, and elephants’ ivory to create their own set of false teeth.

Replace your missing teeth and show-off a great smile! If you are looking for Denture Services in Sun Prairie, WI, contact us. Our entire team at Thousand Oaks Dentistry is looking forward to helping you achieve your dream smile!

The boardwalk empire star’s battle against gum disease – Sun Prairie, WI

The life of celebrities is not always a “bed of roses.” While the majority of people often view them as exceptional, unbeatable individuals, they are humans too! And like ordinary people, they have battles and struggles of their own, sometimes – life-threatening.

Steve Buscemi, the star of the famous series Boardwalk Empire, maybe tough on-screen but what the public may not know is that he is suffering from a serious dental illness, gum disease. His misaligned teeth and receding gums can tell it all. The way Buscemi’s canine erupted farther than normal exposes the root of his tooth. Despite these irregularities, the star refused to have it fixed. Dentists offered to help him out, but he always turned them down. According to Buscemi, his crooked teeth is his own career brand.

Nevertheless, gum disease is not a joke. When it starts to get out of control, it can lead to tooth loss or some other health-related conditions like diabetes, heart disease, stroke and more. Typically, those who suffer from this kind of complication will notice that their gums are bleeding every time they brush or floss. It can also appear as red, puffy, receding, and tender. Fortunately, if addressed early, gum disease can be treated.

We at Thousand Oaks Dentistry offer Treatment for Gum Disease in Sun Prairie, WI. We have highly qualified dentists that effectively performs the best procedure to treat patients’ dental problems. Along with providing a reliable treatment, we also stress the importance of proper oral hygiene to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums.

Since gum disease is something that can always be avoided, we would like to help our patients prevent this devastating illness from deteriorating their smile and well-being. We listed down tips on how to get rid of it.

  • Upgrade your dental care routine. Instead of just brushing the teeth twice daily, consider flossing once a day, and mouth rinsing as well.
  • Vitamins A and C  are good sources of nutrients for the gums. Make sure to include these on your diet.
  • Limit your consumption of sugary and starchy foods as it only aggravates plaque build-up.
  • Focus on practicing a healthy lifestyle. Start by cutting bad habits like smoking or excessive alcohol intake.

Thousand Oaks Dentistry recommends a deep cleaning routine done every six months at the dentist. The procedure will not only scrape off the harmful particles in the teeth, but it also cleans the entire mouth including the gums.

For inquiries Treatment for Gum Disease in Sun Prairie, WI, book your appointment with us at Thousand Oaks Dentistry. You can also visit us at 390 S Grand Ave Suite #110, Sun Prairie, WI 53590.