Best sources of fluoride to save children’s smiles – Sun Prairie, WI

Children’s teeth are pretty vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities since they love eating anything sweet like candies or other foods. Since they can be too young to understand right from wrong, parents should assist children in taking care of their health until they can do things on their own. That also applies when brushing children’s teeth to ensure their proper growth and development.

Even before a child starts teething, dentists suggest wiping the gums clean with a damp towel to keep it healthy. Once they already have their milk teeth out, they should be assisted in brushing by using a Fluoride toothpaste sized as a grain of rice. It should stay this way until the child reaches the ages of 6 to 8 years old where they can brush their teeth.

While brushing may be very helpful in keeping their teeth strong and healthy, there are still some instances which may cause harm to their teeth. Thankfully, dentistry has been developing treatments suitable for children’s care and maintenance. At Thousand Oaks Dentistry, we offer Pediatric Dentistry services which are focused on the proper care of children’s overall dental health. One of our services, Fluoride Treatment, is performed to put up a barrier for the teeth against harmful substances that can cause harm to the teeth.


Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be taken from foods, beverages, or even dental products in which people have easy access. It is highly helpful in keeping the bacterias away from children’s teeth and also reverse the earliest signs of decay.

  • Tea plants absorb fluoride directly from the soil while it grows, when produced as tea drinks it retains its fluoride content. It can be easily enjoyed by children when slightly sweetened for the necessary intake they need.
  • Dental products, such as toothpaste and mouthwash, the intake must be supervised by parents since children tend to ingest these products. Appropriate amounts of fluoride should be taken to keep the teeth strong while avoiding any other complications.
  • Fluoride in public water supply was recorded to lower the cases of tooth decay to both children and adults. It is properly controlled to ensure that the levels of Fluoride stay at a level that is healthy for children’s teeth. Processed foods and beverages made from areas with Fluoridated water supply has high chances of having fluoride. Since these products are brought to other places, people can also benefit from its fluoride content.
  • Professional Fluoride treatments performed by a dentist at a dental office can significantly help children get sufficient protection their teeth needs. It is usually included during routine checkups and cleanings for children to keep their teeth healthy, strong, and cavity-free.

Keeping the child’s teeth healthy allows them to grow and develop properly. It helps in breaking down the foods they need for nutrition, enables them to speak properly, and helps develop confidence when dealing with other people. Fluoride treatment partnered with proper dental hygiene and care can keep children’s overall oral health in tip-top condition longer.

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