Avoid the consequences of tooth loss with dental implants! – Sun Prairie, WI

Many people think that leaving a missing tooth or two unattended on the part of the mouth that hardly shows is okay. Do know that tooth loss is more than just the issue of having a poor smile, it can have long-term physical and mental effects on a person as well!


  • The teeth adjacent to the gap may shift overtime in an attempt to fill in the empty spaces. As a result, perfectly aligned teeth will change in alignment and lead to malocclusions. Instead of just replacing a few teeth, the patient may need to undergo orthodontic treatment or surgery to fix the issue.
  • Tooth loss and the misalignment of the teeth increases the patient’s risk of developing cavities that can also cause other oral complications.
  • It would be harder for patients to chew certain foods. As a result, their digestive function is affected which can lead to problems like malnutrition or acid reflux.
  • Due to the lack of stimulant for the jaw, the site of the gap will deteriorate over time. As a result, the patient may look older than their actual age because of facial sagging.
  • Sadly, with today’s society where appearance is a big factor, a person who experienced tooth loss can become self-conscious and less confident.
  • It can affect the social, professional, and even romantic relationships of a patient.

To prevent all the consequences mentioned above, we at Thousand Oaks Dentistry have the perfect solution. For our patients who are missing single, multiple, or even entire teeth, dental implants can be a viable and versatile solution!

Unlike in the past, dental restorations are now better than ever. The continuous advancements in dental technology gave birth to what is considered as the most practical solution for tooth loss. Dental implants are immovable since titanium posts are surgically placed on the jawbone to serve as root replacements and anchors where prosthesis will be attached. Due to this, the appliance does not need the support of natural teeth or gums to stay in place.

Osseointegration, the natural fusion of the titanium posts is a process only dental implants are capable of compared to other restorations. It is the reason why patients can get a natural look and feel of the appliance since it actually builds a stable and durable foundation.

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