What To Wear Metal Braces Or Invisalign?

Your smile is the first impression you leave on everyone else. Therefore, you should make sure that your teeth are whiter and healthier. The key to a flawless smile rests in the shape, alignment, and color of your teeth. Sadly though, we all are not blessed with a perfect set of teeth aligned beautifully.

Thought, with the evolution of technology & orthodontic treatments, it is possible for everyone to get a charming smile. If you wish to align your naturally misaligned teeth, all you are supposed to do is reach out to an orthodontic dentist.

Traditional braces and modern Invisalign are two extremely famous options for teeth alignment procedures used by dentists. Both these options are widespread, and they come with both advantages and disadvantages. 

However, braces or Invisalign which one is better, so preferring the one for your precise need relies on your teeth & dentist. We can help to make it easier for you to choose the type of treatment that best fit you and your needs 

Invisalign Vs Metal Braces

Invisalign and traditional braces accomplish the same objective, but their design and look are not the same, the most important thing that counts here is how you will look after wearing them.

Before looking for an Invisalign provider in Thousand Oaks, you need to know how they both are different from each other. The noteworthy differences are cost, comfort level, appearance, & ability to deliver the desired result.


What is the cost of Invisalign? The cost of traditional braces is lower than the Invisalign, because of the material used. 

The Invisalign braces price can vary anywhere between $2800 to $5600 depending on the need. The final price may be more than $5600, relying on the number of trays needed and the harshness of the teeth misalignment.


Traditional braces have a visible design that makes them look from a distance. Sometimes, wearing them can be very uncomfortable. On the contrary, Invisalign braces are softer, simplified, and fit into your teeth’ shape. No wires or metal parts are around your teeth. In a nutshell, the Invisalign braces are removable, unlike traditional braces.

Level of Comfort

Repairing misaligned teeth is, indeed, not a comfortable procedure. Whether you got Invisalign or braces, you may have to compromise on comfort. 

However, Invisalign is much comfier, and it is because Invisalign will put comparatively less pressure on the teeth. Traditional braces exert pressure on the misaligned teeth by putting pressure on them to arrange them in their supposed place. Because they are bound to your teeth using wires and brackets.


Cleaning your teeth is a must, and you should do it anyhow. Cleaning can become a tiresome task with traditional braces, particularly for flossing. You are forced to quit some specific food & drinks. Corresponded to wired braces, cleaning the Invisalign is easy because it is easier to remove the Invisalign tray from your mouth. But these trays also require to be cleaned after each meal. You can brush, floss or use mouth rinses easily without having to worry about damage to the tray.


The choice between Invisalign and traditional metal braces is a personal issue. An Invisalign smile looks better than braces and feels more comfortable, but it can be an expensive choice. Traditional metal braces are easy on the pocket, but they aren’t comfortable braces. If you are confused about it contact us to book an appointment, we are more than happy to provide you with the best consultation.


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