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Are Child Dental X-Rays Safe?

There would be no need for dental X-rays if all dental issues occurred above the gum line; unfortunately, this is not the case. Too frequently, deterioration, damage, and infections develop in places that are invisible to the human eye. Special imaging equipment is required to obtain a thorough image of a child’s mouth cavity. But is it secure? Is a youngster going to be exposed to a lot of radiation? Continue reading to learn from a pediatric dentist about why dental X-rays used now are significantly safer when it comes to capturing your child’s smile.

Why does a child need dental X-Rays?

It may appear like dental X-rays are only required for more mature teeth, but the fact is that youthful smiles undergo numerous distinctive changes. As a result, a dentist must be able to see the evolution of the teeth, gums, and bite throughout time. While everything may appear to be alright on the surface (above the gum line), there may be concerns beneath that are only detected with high-resolution imaging.

Dental X-rays can be used by a dentist to diagnose the following issues:

  • An infection that is contained within a tooth or its root.
  • Wisdom teeth that are impacted and poorly slanted, causing them to press on good teeth
  • Whether or if there is adequate room for permanent teeth to emerge
  • If your baby teeth are falling out properly,
  • If cysts or atypical lesions develop,
  • If a cavity develops between two teeth.

But are dental X-Rays safe?

Yes, most dental practitioners today employ dental X-rays that are entirely safe for youngsters. They utilize up to 90% less radiation than traditional film because they are now digital. Furthermore, this type of digital radiography creates higher-quality pictures, allowing dentists to examine the whole mouth cavity and construct a more accurate treatment plan. Not to mention that the digital component allows photographs to be electronically archived, making them easier to refer to in the future if necessary.

If your kid’s pediatric dentist recommends X-rays, you can be confident that the procedure will be quick, simple, and painless for your child. Your child will sit calmly as a tiny sensor swiftly obtains the necessary photos while wearing a lead apron and thyroid collar to guard their body. Each X-ray takes less than a tenth of a second, resulting in a far shorter experience and minimum radiation exposure.

Depending on your child’s needs, he or she may or may not require dental X-rays regularly. This is entirely up to your child’s pediatric dentist’s decision. Even if they do necessitate more regular imaging, you may feel more at ease and assured knowing that all necessary steps are being taken to keep your kid safe at the dentist’s office.


Recognizing that parents are concerned about their child’s safety during this sort of imaging procedure, she and her team carefully analyze each patient to decide the best course of action. If digital X-rays are necessary, our dentists will outline the need, usage, and safety precautions that will be employed to keep your kid safe while guaranteeing their future smile. Contact Thousand Oaks Dentistry at (608) 237-1920 if you have any questions concerning Pediatric Dentistry and dental X-rays.